Jesus Collado: "With hard work and effort you get up"
Jesus Felipe Collado, current player of Alcobendas in the post Pillier, 36, a height of 1.90 m and 107 kg of humility interviewed.
CR: How were and because of who your beginnings in the world of Rugby?
JC: It was already done a few years but in Senior category, of the hand of my friend Enrique Pablo "Kike" and Santiago Navas "Talons" who convinced me down to test with the team in my neighborhood, the Rivas Club Rugby . And they had offered me many times before but never found the time to go down to try. In an era of sports break (I have always been closely linked to other sports such as boxing, jiu jitsu, judo, etc) down to try and poison entered my veins the first day. Since that September 1 I'm hooked on this great sport.
CR: In the world of rugby you are known by the nickname "Goku" Where does and who put you?
JC: The nickname put me in my early days the only player Rugby team of Rivas, May Ruiz Molina. As came from contact sports, I had no fear of meeting points and despite being novel, he used to win the gain line, hence what Goku.
CR: Could you tell us about your rugbística path?
JC: I started playing in the Rugby Club Rivas, my local team, very young and eager to evolve that militated at that time in the 4th Regional Category Madrileña. From there I went to play in the CAU Metropolitano that militated in Division of Honor B National Rugby, where I opened the doors Alfredo Sanz and his technical team with Mar Alvarez and Gustavo Diaz, with these three maybe coaches more marked me in my career as a rugby player, and where I met a great group of players where I managed to win the Cup Madrid Senior. It was my first title, and were about to play the play-off for promotion to Division Honor. In 2014 I decided to take a step forward in my training and in my aspirations to reach the highest level and sign for Alcobendas where I was greeted by Alex Grajera, "Tiki" Inchausti and Carlos Bravo as if carrying a lifetime playing there. Since then he is seen garnet as if they were my colors of life and is the group we are working here are a real family.
CR: Now you're national triathlon coach trainer, personal trainer ... and father ... How do you work the physical and psychic in your workouts How you stay in the preparations and how they manage to get the maximum performance? ?
JC: Poof ... lol ... Complicated. The truth is difficult to reconcile all this with only 24 hours a day. The group trainings in Alcobendas ranging from three to four days a week and on weekends we party. Beyond this, I go to the gym at least 3 days a week and I try reconcilable extracurricular activities girls or at noon, leaving a few hours rest before training with the club to pay with Chema Serrano (Preparer physical team). The mental part not overwork ... lol ... "Tiki" and in charge and some colleagues as Iñigo Ribot hitting the tension every week.
To reach the maximum performance is critical rest, healthy eating, sacrifice and concentration in every workout, no secrets, work and effort to get up; An example of this could be myself, I do not consider myself a person with special skills, just put raring and enthusiasm in everything I do.
CR: What does it mean for you Pillier play And playing in Alcobendas?
JC: Well, the truth is that it is the place I like best of all in which I played, but really, as they say, I'm a pilier reconverted and they say that the pilieres are born, not made ... lol ... Almost I've always played second line and was last season Sanzquien Alfredo told me "you are going to play 3", he said and done. I started playing in that position today and not change it for any other position.
As for the question of playing in Alcobendas I have to tell you is like my home. Have their own field as "Las Terrazas" gives an added identity to the Club, also I have the luck to share a dressing room with great players who are also great companions. If I had to define a word the club would "Humility". Undoubtedly the Alcobendas has given me so much in so little time I have the feeling of being in debt with this club all my career.
CR: Changes in the phases of the scrum that were made from the IRB, advantages and disadvantages that have contributed to the game?
JC: Changes I personally look good. The safety of the players must take precedence over the show. It is true that seeing scrums "from before" are much more spectacular but it is also true that there were many more injuries. As safety and benefits would say the show as disadvantages.
CR: Could you summarize how your club is organized, Alcobendas regarding the preparation and the dispute of the parties?
JC: Normally we train 3 or 4 days a week. Mondays are usually training where visualize and analyze unlike both the general movement of the game with "Tiki" as static phases with Bravo and Roberto Carlos Pintado. The other days, Tuesday, Thursday and fourth working day to prepare for the match depending on the opponent and objectives. The days before the party we try to take care of food and rest. And match days we are usually two hours before the field to start with bandages and other, then talk to the coaches to emphasize the group's work, there had to individual heating, then collective, talk the captain and the battle ... LOL
CR: How do you see the situation of the national Rugby and how you think can be improved?
JC: I think the national rugby is improving somewhat, but we still birth of world powers years and we are losing the train of equipment starting up the level so important as Georgia, Romania, etc. The only solution is to professionalize the sport as other countries are doing. It may seem difficult to understand how Selections "Sub" We are at the head of Europe and the absolute not reach similar levels. The only solution I see is to reach the professionalisation. It is difficult to have a national team and a Division of Honor strong if our players have to go to France or England to devote himself totally to Rugby.
CR: We assume that you followed the world, as a rugby player, which is what you highlight technically and tactically the game has seen, and how you stay in the Rugby World Cup 2015 England?
JC: Yes, of course I have followed, remember that although there was Rugby player's third most followed sporting event worldwide. World highlight the physical demands and called Total Rugby where we could see first lines giving racing 40 meters and three quarters placando and third lines. I'll take supremacy in the Southern Hemisphere with respect to north, with aggression in the meeting points with surprise and cheerful rugby teams like Japan and especially with the intensity in all phases.
CR: A player who admire the rugby World?
JC: For his career, sacrifice and example of the values ​​of rugby Richie McCaw will tell. In my career as a player I would say Adam Newton, with whom I have the luck to share a dressing room and shirt.
CR: Could you tell us an anecdote to share with us your years of play.
JC: Actually, I could tell a few, but tell you, I'll tell you, that on a return trip from Granada, when he played in the Metropolitan CAU. The bus driver, spent the entire trip screeching public address bus, so that sentásemos us and we stopped singing, threatening to stop the vehicle and get down to all the road; It was a fun trip where you could see the coaches Mar Alvarez doing "the spiderman" and Alfredo Sanz go crawling on the floor of the bus while the driver was still screaming by megaphone to not see him standing.
CR: What does the word Rugby for you?
JC: Actually, that sounds like a cliché, but has become a way of life. Today fills a most important gap. Losvalores think I've learned have made me a better person, more humble and especially solidarity.
I conclude this interview showing my gratitude to everyone who supported me in my career as a rugby player, friends, family, teammates and especially my wife Layla happened to me the good and bad times, my injuries, sleepless nights, etc. Thank you all!
Esmeralda Perez
Photo: Jose Manuel Ibañez Magazine 22

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