Guide to survive in Division of Honor B
After the descent of the first team to the Division of Honor B, the team led by Juan Carlos Bado and Jose Luis Young will face an unusual challenge in the club, recovering a position in the top category of national rugby.
However, the passage through the silver league will certainly be a much more complicated challenge than a priori might seem.
To know more about the coming season, it is important to know what is the composition of the league in which we will participate this next campaign 2018-2019. The Division of Honor B consists of 36 teams, divided into three groups; Group A, Group B and Group C. In our case we will play in Group A along with five other Basque teams, three Galician, two Castilian and one Cantabrian.
Leaving champion in the first round, besides being a complicated challenge, is not more than the first of the obstacles that arise before attempting the promotion, since then we would have to face the best of the other two groups. Big words.
* AVK Bera Bera RT
* Babyauto Zarautz RT
* Uribealdea RKE
* AVIA Eibar Rugby
* Durango Nissan Gaursa RT
* Getxo Rugby
* University Campus Ourense RC
* CRAT A Coruña
* Kaleido University of Vigo RC
Castilla y León:
* SilverStorm El Salvador Emerging
* VRAC Entrepinares Cheeses B
* Bathco Rugby Club
After the recent victory of Durango Nissan Gaursa RT in the promotion phase, there will be six participating Basque teams, neither more nor less than half of the league. In general this is the most powerful block, and is that teams like Zarautz RT, Bera Bera RT or Uribealdea RKE have been leaders in the past seasons. To all these are added the Eibar, team which has been climbing steps in the general over the years and promises to give much war in the next season.
San Román by La Albericia. The trip to Santander will continue, this time to the Batcho Rugby Club field. Formerly known as CRS, Santander are undoubtedly one of the main contenders for the League title. With 13 wins, a draw and 8 defeats were the second classified in the regular phase, only behind the newly promoted Burgos. They were eliminated in the first qualifying round against the Valencian team CP Les Abelles, global 50-60.
Return to Galician lands. Getxo Rugby did not travel to Galicia since the 2014/2015 season, when Kaleido Universidad de Vigo RC played for the last time in División de Honor A. This year we will face three trips; Vigo (670km), Ourense (620km) and Coruña (550km). As for their trajectories in the last edition, Vigo suffered to remain in the tenth place, safe from the decline, and both Ourense and Coruña were accommodated in the middle of the classification, in the sixth and eighth place respectively.
During one more season we will keep the two visits corresponding to the facilities of Pepe Rojo of Valladolid, and that with the recent promotion of VRAC Quesos Entrepinares B to the silver division, the rivals from Valladolid will continue on the getxotarra agenda.
The renovation of the first Argentine line Julio Speziali, one of the fundamental pieces in the gualdinegro pack throughout the recent campaign in the Heineken League, has recently become official. In addition to its continuity, the club expects to announce new reinforcements throughout this month of July.
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