Víctor Sánchez and Juan Ramos summoned with Spain Sevens
The two players from SilverStorm El Salvador are part of the preparatory rally of the third series of the European Sevens Championship, which will be held in Exeter (England) this weekend
SilverStorm El Salvador continues to provide players to the national rugby teams. This time it will be Víctor Sánchez and Juan Ramos who will be part of the Pablo Feijóo call for the 3rd series of the European GPS of Sevens, which will take place over the weekend in Exeter (England).
This call from the coach to the two players from SilverStorm El Salvador "is a source of pride for us, and a reward for the players and the work they have done," said college coach Juan Carlos Pérez. Our Club is the second most players contributes to this call, only surpassed by Sanitas Alcobendas.
Sánchez and Ramos will compete in this third round of the European Grand Prix Series, after the 7th position achieved months ago in Moscow by the National Team and 11th place in the competition in Marcoussis (France), which places the National Team at this moment in the 9th general position, with the same 10 points that Wales has, placed the British in the 8th position.
In Sandy Park, the Exeter Chiefs stadium where the tournament will be played, the Spanish National Team will be placed in Group B, where they will face Germany, Portugal and Wales. In the first phase it is foreseen that Spain 7s plays at 12.14 (English time) against the Germans, playing the second game against the Lusos at 15.21 and closing the first phase at 18.06 against the Welsh team.
The other groups have been made up of Ireland, France, Italy and Sweden (group A) and England, Russia, Poland and Georgia (group B). Currently the European GPS is led by Italy with 40 points, followed by Germany with 36 and Russia with 26.
The list of players summoned by Pablo Feijóo for the competition in England is as follows:
* Víctor Sánchez and Juan Ramos (SilverStorm El Salvador)
* Javier de Juan (Cajasol Sciences)
* Joan Losada (FC Barcelona)
* Mauricio Londoño, Facundo Munilla and Iñaki Mateu (Sanitas Alcobendas)
* Joshua Taylor and Rafael de Santiago (CRC Pozuelo)
* Ignacio Rodríguez-Guerra (Complutense Cisneros)
* Matías Tudela (Andemen Tatami)
* Javier Carrión (CR La Vila)
* Diego Periel (Bath Rugby, ING)
* Tobias Sainz-Trápaga (Queensland RFC, AUS)
Carlos Patino Lino

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