Fourth consecutive consecration. Hindu is a serious thing in the end
ICBC Hindu was once again ICBC National Club Champion - the fourth consecration in a row - after beating Newman convincingly by 25 to 0 in a final in which he dominated from end to end, without practically jumping, except in some moments of the second hal
The set of Don Torcuato was sharp, aggressive, determined and very direct when it came to attacking his rival. He took permanent danger to rival field every time he had the chance and forced Newman to be in his field and defend many times in extreme situation, urged by the circumstances.
In the second part, the procedure was identical to that of the first time during the first ten or fifteen minutes. From there, it was Newman who took control of the game, who began to handle the ball, who began to find little by little the places to hurt his rival, but who cost him an enormity to score points despite that dominance . The defense of Hindu was ordered and always put in trouble to the attack of Newman, that lacked the necessary depth to cause real damages.
Newman: 1- Alberto Porolli, 2- Marcelo Brandi (C), 3- Luciano Borio Peñaloza; 4- Jerónimo Ureta, 5- Tomás Ureta; 6- Marco Mazzucchelli, 7- Miguel Urtubey, 8- Benjamín Bonasso; 9- Félix Branca, 10- Gonzalo Gutiérrez Taboada; 11- Germán Mignone, 12- Felipe Freyre, 13- Tomás Keena, 14- Agustín Gosio; 15- Juan Bautista Daireaux.
Substitutes: 16- Rodrigo Pueyrredón, 17- Mariano Urtubey, 18- Manuel Martín Lozano, 19- Thibaud Flament, 20- Alejandro Urtubey, 21- Felipe Touzao, 22- Florencio Llerena, 23- Francisco Montoya.
Coaches: Santiago Piccaluga, Alfredo Cordone, Marcelo Torres and Javier Urtubey.
So many
Tries: -
Conv: -
Penalty: -
Hindu: 1- Isaías Quiroga, 2- Agustín Capurro, 3- Mariano Viano; 4- Nicolás Guisasola, 5- Carlos Repetto; 6- Augusto Bavaro, 7- Lautaro Bavaro, 8- Gonzalo Delguy (C); 9- Felipe Ezcurra, 10- Santiago Fernández; 11- Federico Graglia, 12- Hernán Senillosa, 13- Belisario Agulla, 14- Martín Cancelliere; 15- Francisco Mateu.
Substitutes: 16- Augusto Faraone, 17- Juan Martínez Sosa, 18- Nicolás Leiva, 19- Lucas Iachetti, 20- Lucas Camacho, 20- Tomás Resnick, 22- Joaquín de la Vega Mendía, 23- Horacio Agulla.
Coaches: Lucas Ostiglia, Francisco Fernández Miranda and Juan Ignacio Gauthier.
So many
Tries: Mateu, Cancelliere, Iachetti
Conv: Fernández (2)
Criminal: Fernández (2)
Field: Vélez.
Referee: Federico Anselmi.
Juan Ignacio Gauthier, coach of Hindú: "It's incredible. We are very happy. All this was prepared so far this year, we had a spectacular first half. We deserved it for what we are doing this season. "
Gonzalo Delguy, captain of Hindú: "Ufff, this Club Nacional cost a lot. It was prepared with all this final, with maximum concentration. Playing here in Vélez was something atypical and for that reason, we had to redouble our attention, so that the spectacular atmosphere that existed did not divert our attention. I think we played better, we were superior in almost the whole course of the game. "
Lautaro Bavaro, Hindu Third Line: "It is an immense joy. It's what we work for every week, we enjoy and we can have fun. That is the key. The desire and commitment are key in this team and in this group. It is a very nice thing to play in this stadium, with this framework. Now we have to enjoy, today ... tomorrow ... and already get into our heads that we must not lower our arms, that we have to continue on the same line. If we enjoy and have fun on the court, we're doing well. "
Santiago Fernández, opening of Hindu: "The truth is that we are very happy. We were able to make a good match because we are convinced of what we are doing. We also know that there is a whole club behind us and that gives you something that is hard to find. "
"I know it's a repeated phrase: but we try to always make a clean slate and impose the challenge of continuing to improve in the game."
"We tried to isolate ourselves from the context, the outside was something different but inside things we had to solve them as always and by our own merit, which we could impose, is that we managed to take the game".

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