Andalucía Subchampions of the Autonomous Sevens Spain Championship
A real shame, that the Andalusian team Sub16 has lost in the last play, the final of the national championship, when he had practically the title in his power.
More than remarkable performance of the Andalusian sub16, which only in the final has been overtaken by the Madrid team, who has known how to play and win the final, with the mistakes of the Andalusians. Until the final, the young promises of rugby Andalusian, with up to four players of the Marbella Rugby Club Trocadero (Akemi Rodriguez, Javier Comingues, Pablo Torres and Jeremy Tetchivinick), have played a championship almost immaculate. On Saturday, he finished first in his group, after defeating: Valencia by 7 to 29, Galicia by 36 to 0 and Aragón by 12 to 34. Already on the Sunday, in the quarterfinals, the Andalusians knew how to overcome the score against a Valencian team, which made it very difficult (14 - 17). In the semifinals one of the "coconuts" of the championship told them, Catalonia. But, the young Andalusian players, developed their best game of the championship and won with solvency to the Catalans, for a resounding 7 to 29.
In the final, the powerful Madrid team awaited them. As expected, the meeting had excitement, good game and above all, much equality. As it shows the result to the rest, of tie to five. In the resumption, the Andalusians put themselves ahead with a transformed trial, 5 to 12. Then, it was the locals who managed to reduce the advantage, with an essay without transforming f10 -12). Less than a minute, those of Madrid were seen with a man less, by a tackle in the air, after the center kick, which left them in numerical inferiority, less than a minute from the end. The Andalusians only had to temporize the game and let time pass. But, in perhaps the only defensive error in this game, allowed a rival to escape and rehearse under sticks, to sentence the final. With this 17 to 12, the people of Madrid proclaimed themselves champions. Although, either of the two combined, they could have been champions. Congratulations to the Andalusian team and the entire coaching staff, who have done a commendable job, in a very short time and playing one on one, against selected with much more experience and baggage.
As no, from the bosom of our club, give congratulations to our players and coaches, who day after day, show us the quality, work and honor, which they waste.

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