Julio Speziali will reinforce the forward gualdiengra during the next season
The Argentine rider, who signed for our club in the summer of 2017, will continue to wear the Gualdinegra jersey one more season.
Julio Speziali has renewed his contract for this coming 2018-2019 campaign and will continue to wear the shirt for at least one more season. Of Argentine origin, he arrived at our club in September of last year from the Gymnastics and Fencing of Rosario. The first line, which debuted at the Polideprotivo de Fadura on September 17 against Gernika RT, feels the need to return the club to where it was when it arrived: "I would like the day you have to leave this place, at least you can leave it in the same place where I found it ".
The rosarino player, speaking to the club's website, said: "I adapted well to the group, as time went on the relationship with was growing [...] It is true that many names have changed throughout the season and perhaps that has been the problem for which it has cost to consolidate it. Finally, it was seen much better and with better results.
In addition, our player said: "I see the whole well. Many of the local players have greatly improved their level. If you accompany them with a few experienced players, without a doubt that the goal has to be the promotion, I do not see another possible objective. You have to mentalize in that and get it. "
According to him, rugby in Getxo is still, for now, a minor sport, "it is not the most popular sport, others like football are still the main sport in most places". However, he applauds the many activities that the club has organized throughout the season since, as he says, this is one of the fundamental parts of this sport. "Activities such as days with children, popular meals and other meetings strongly strengthen the ties of the club and makes you start to feel a little more pride of belonging to be from Getxo, the feeling of being part of something."
During this past season as a black and white, Julio has played a total of 21 games, 20 as a starter and only one as a substitute. He has played 1534 minutes in
the Heineken League, which is 87.2% of the season. He has been the leading scorer with four rehearsals, and his experience as a player has led him to exercise several times as a captain.
Photo: iLavcor Photography

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