Relief in the presidency of the Rugby Club El Salvador
Juan Carlos Martín 'Hansen' will present his resignation to the presidency in the next meeting of the Board of Directors of the club blanquinegro, being replaced by the vice president Santiago Toca and a board of directors, while preparing the electoral process of the Club
The El Salvador Rugby Club, once the sports campaign is over, is preparing to end the season with the usual meeting of the Board of Directors next June 15, in which the progress of the course is analyzed, reviewing the objectives established and placing the bases of the work that will be developed from the collegiate entity throughout the next seasons.
On this occasion, at the meeting of the directors of our Club there will be a special process, since the president of the Rugby Club El Salvador Juan Carlos Martín 'Hansen' will present his resignation, after having remained more than 7 years as the chief white and black president , as well as several years in various management positions after his career as a player.
"This is a commitment that I acquired at the time of reaching the presidency, and the process has been prepared since last season along with the rest of the directors, seeking an orderly transition together with sponsors, partners and Club members, ensuring the continuity and growth of El Salvador Rugby Club in the future ", assured Juan Carlos Martín.
As foreseen in the Club's bylaws, the resignation of the president will be followed by the taking of control of the entity by current Vice President Santiago Toca and a management board, which will prepare the electoral process that is also included in the bylaws, and that will take place in the coming weeks.
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