2nd Rugby Tournament inclusive Txapeketa
Giving continuity to the bet that the HCRE has made in post of the social inclusion of people with functional diversity, this year we have launched to organize the second inclusive rugby tournament of Hernani.
The tournament will be held on June 9, conditioning the beer fair organized annually by the club. These are dates on which the club, the fans and the rest of the people fraternize and it is the ideal setting to live a few days where it is latent that functional diversity is no obstacle for all of us to enjoy at the same time.
As we did last year, we do not want the demand to remain only in the rugby field, so we would like to transfer it to the center of the town. For this, this year we have proposed doubling the efforts we made last year and adding to the awareness day that we made a round table and a workshop. For these activities we will have many professionals and experts in this field, who will be responsible for bringing the reality of this field to the rest of society.
With these 3 events we want to highlight the facilities and difficulties that people with functional diversity have when faced with everyday life and, in turn, bring children from this world closer to the entire population.
When: June 5 5:45 pm the doors will open to start at 6:00 pm
Where: In the main hall of the Biteri house of culture
Recommended for over 18 years
* Txema Uria: Aspace user until last year. Bachelor of pedagogy. Aspace worker in the day service as an educational monitor.
* Maiteder Requejo: Mother of a child with functional diversity. Teacher in special education and member of Pausoka.
* Jurgi Olasagasti: Technician of the Guipúzcoa federation of adapted sport. Doctorate in adapted sport and researcher in inclusive experiences.
Andoni Lizeaga: Professor of secondary education - Socio-community intervention.
Each person who approaches the event will be given a questionnaire upon entering to be answered at the time. Afterwards, we will have the opportunity to hear from the speakers' voice their own experiences and opinions on the subject. Once they have finished, we will have a little time to reflect on what we have heard and what we have answered in the questionnaire. And to conclude, we can solve all the doubts that may have arisen in a colloquium where participation will be free.
When: June 6 from 6 pm to 8 pm
Where: On the Paseo de los Tilos
Recommended for anyone
Different clubs that work in inclusion (Fundación Real Sociedad, Ostadar, Mindara ...) will post posts along Paseo de los Tilos. In each of the posts, people with and without functional diversity will have the opportunity to participate together in each activity. In each post a file will be given to each participant, and at the end of the act who gets all the chips will have the opportunity to participate in the third time that will be held at the end.
When: June 7 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Where: In the house of culture of Biteri
Recommended for over 14. It will be a closed group, to register send an email with your age and name and surname to the following address:
Aritz Sanchez: teaching in physical education, therapeutic pedagogy, degree in psycho-pedagogy and graduate in psychology
Professor of the University of Mondragón (HUHEZI) in the mention of special education and consultant and PT of primary and infant education in an ikastola
By means of a practical and attractive methodology, the participants will have the opportunity to break with the myths and the false beliefs that there are around the functional diversity, and of step to have a greater knowledge on this world.
University Bilbao Rugby
Gaztedi Rugby Taldea
Getxo Errugbia
Clan Tri Espurna Cullera
Association Rugby partage
Hernani Club Rugby Elkartea
Saturday 9 9:00 Arrival at Landare of the teams 10:00 Start of the tournament 12:30 End of the morning session and lunch
14:30 Start of the afternoon session
18:00 End of the tournament 19:00 Third time at the beer fair 20:00 Animation Music group around the town 21:30 Awards ceremony at the beer fair and closing ceremony of the tournament

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