Hansie Graaff, Rapha Blanco and Pablo Reneses will not continue next season at SilverStorm El Salvador
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The three-quarters South African will play in the competitive French ProD2 with Massy, ​​while Reneses and Blanco return to their cities of origin after having completed their university studies of physiotherapy and put a parenthesis in their sports career to make the leap to professional life
The SilverStorm El Salvador team next season will not be attended by Hansie Graaff, Rapha Blanco and Pablo Reneses. These three players leave our Club for different reasons, and above all from El Salvador we want to thank them for their dedication and professionalism during their stay.
In the case of the three-quarters of South Africa, his absence comes from having been signed by the RC team Massy Essonne, a team that has managed to stay in the French ProD2, with which the club from the outskirts of Paris will chain its 4th season in the second level of French rugby, where he finished in 11th position this season, with 13 wins and 17 losses.
About Graaff coach Juan Carlos Perez said that "he has been a very professional player, who has given a great result to our Club. He has carried himself to a great level, he also arrived with a brilliant résumé, and a good sample of his character and competitiveness was given before the Heineken League final, asking to play infiltrated despite his injury. " Perez also stressed that "it is a pride that teams of leagues with as much level as the ProD2 are set in our players, is a very positive recognition of our method of work."
Hansie Graaff has played 42 games with SilverStorm El Salvador in his two seasons at the Club. In them he has managed to score 16 trials, 38 strokes of
punishment, 137 transformations and 3 drops, adding a total of 252 points in the season 16/17 and 225 in the past. The South African occupied the 3rd place in the overall scorers of the Heineken League last season, being 4th in the just finished.
As for Rapha Blanco and Pablo Reneses, both leave the Club after completing their studies of Degree in Physiotherapy at the European University Miguel de Cervantes. Both put a parenthesis in their sporting career, since they will be dedicated to their profession in their cities of origin (Toulouse and Madrid).
The collegiate technician said that "they leave us two very important pieces in the structure of the team, but I am convinced that they are being chamizos for life." On the level shown in the 4 seasons that have been in SilverStorm El Salvador Pérez highlights that "Pablo and Rapha have proved to be the archetype of player that we look for in the Club: excellent in the field, and with great responsibility in their academic life, position who have completed the race in 4 years, obtaining also very relevant results and a very positive image for the whole Club, both partners and fans. "
Rapha Blanco arrived at SilverStorm El Salvador from the academy of Stade Toulousain, one of the clubs with the best trajectory in France, while Pablo Reneses came from Ingenieros Industriales de Las Rozas, after having passed through the Spanish National Team under 18 at that time by Juan Carlos Pérez. Both Valladolid coach said that "I hope they can continue playing in their cities, and his departure leaves me a little touched in the heart by the great mutual appreciation we have."
Rapha Blanco has played 86 games with SilverStorm El Salvador in his 4 seasons in the Club, to which we must add 2 appearances with SilverStorm El Salvador Emerging. The French wing has scored a total of 33 trials in these meetings. For his part, Pablo Reneses has played 84 games with the first team, plus 4 with DHB with the Emerging team, scoring a total of 9 trials in these matches.
The doors of El Salvador Rugby Club are open for Hansie, Rapha and Pablo, and we are convinced that the ways of our Club and these three great players will cross again some day. Good luck in your new journeys!
Carlos Patino Lino

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