Balance of the season by Tristán Moziman (Chucho)
Liga Española de División de Honor
Tristán Moziman:
The Spanish Rugby League, possibly this year has been the strongest and highest level in its history. The Spanish league is going more and more, the teams are becoming stronger, not only by high-level signings that come to the league, such as players like the full black of VRAC, the signings of Salvador, Paila del Quesos, José Baso or Tomás Carrió, or players of very good level as Ordizia has, such as Juan Manuel Lezcano, Fernando López, Gernika players such as Bruno Postiglioni, could name you many guys who come from outside and who make the league is acquiring a very important level. Now I'm also thinking about Joaquín Domínguez from my Independiente club. Not only for the foreign signings but also because the guys from each of the quarries, are also giving a very important level. We have recently met the signing of Tomás Munilla who was playing in Cisneros and is going to play in France, and so there are several players like Alvar Gimeno, Iñaki Mateu, players like the Ordizia kids who are up to the task and who come better trained and trained, and with a significant degree of commitment, and then, the conjunction of bringing good signings with good players from the quarry, is making this league is getting better and stronger each time.
On the other hand, it is a League where there has been a just winner that is the Cheese, a team that has really been superior to the rest of the teams, around with the Salvador, with a little more balance a little more equal, but superior to the end, and with the rest of the teams has been very superior and a fair winner of all the competitions he has played, winning everything, the Copa del Rey, the League, the Super Cup and also the Iberian Cup.
So I congratulate the Cheese for that work and the triumphs that speak of a team, very very solid where it is really very difficult to beat them. From there, you meet teams that have reached the playoffs, and even some that have been left out like Barça and Gernika, that even without entering the playoff have been very competitive teams in the league and that with a little more than help and economic support, surely they will be able to take a very important step forward to be more and more competitive, and that the League will be increasingly competitive.
Regrettably descended the Getxo, a team where I have many friends, and where I think they have done a job on the one hand to bet on the quarry, which in the future will give them benefit and many joys, but to maintain the category this season did not reach . I am very happy with the permanence of Hernani, a team that for me is an example for the other teams of Division of Honor, although the policies of the clubs are respectable that have theirs, but really, what Hernani does to play with the conviction of the boys of its quarry of the zone, but basically of its quarry, and that they get to obtain the permanence in Division of Honor, with a supercomplicada and competitive Liga, full of signings, full of ample templates, is very meritorious, very respectable and really, that I take off my hat and after my independent team, I am a fan of Hernani, the truth is that they thrill me.
I am also very happy for this growth of Spanish Rugby, which was unfortunately not reflected in the classification of Spain in the World Cup by a totally unfair decision by World Rugby, but that Spain deservedly earned the right to play the World Cup and unjustly the offices have removed him in the offices, what were won in the field by the players and the coaching staff and federation having done a job of several very good years, to achieve that the Spanish rugby is in a world cup and can grow. This does not have to stop us, it does not have to stop us, we have to keep growing, Spain has a lot of possibilities, for many things, for chips, for infrastructure, for many things that I could list, Spain can continue to grow and the roof has it very away, so I would motivate everyone to continue working from the roll that he plays so that Spanish rugby keeps growing.
From each to the next season, we are already working on it. We are a small club, humble, thank God with the things and juggling we do, we can compete with the best in Spain and this year we are again developing a project for the coming season to remain competitive, for try to get closer to the best teams in Spain.
It costs us a lot because the differences are going to be greater, if there is no more support for the smaller teams, the difference with the VRAC, with Salvador and with Alcobendas, unfortunately because it is not good neither for the League nor for rugby, I am afraid that the difference will be greater every time. Anyway, we want to be stuck there, competing with the best, and for that we are preparing the template for next year renewing players, negotiating with others and trying to convince others not to go before the temptation of superior proposals, for that Santander gives me some tools that other cities do not have and helps me convince players through the beach, the sea, the quality of life in a city like Santander. Thank God for all players, not everything is money, so some give priority to that and nothing, to continue working to continue contributing to this sport and to continue enjoying this sport.

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Tristán Moziman
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