SilverStorm El Salvador participates in the Spanish Seven Championship
In the competition, which will be played this Saturday in Oliva (Valencia), the collegians will be measured at CD Arquitectura and Hernani CRE, current champions and Spanish representatives in the European Championship
Once the XV rugby season is over, it is time for other types of competitions and not lose the physical tone. That is the main goal that arises SilverStorm El Salvador with its participation in the Championship of Spain of Seven, which will be played this weekend in Oliva (Valencia).
In this competition, the schoolboys will be measured in the group of the first phase with the people of CD Arquitectura and with the Guipuzcoans of Hernani CRE. Precisely the Basque team is the current champion, having been the Spanish representative in the European Championship of the category, where they achieved a creditable 6th place.
"We have exhausted the XV calendar until the end, with what we are going to arrive a bit fair, but it is a new way of competition in which we want to participate at the highest possible level, presenting competitive teams as we do in everything that we play, "affirmed the SilverStorm physical trainer El Salvador Mar Álvarez.
Álvarez says that "we have tried to make a team compensated between strikers and three quarters, also taking into account that there are players who are called with the National Teams and playing other tournaments, such as Sam Katz, Pelayo Ramos, Gonzalo Núñez and Jake Wainwright, who plays the Seven of Ibiza ".
Mar Álvarez also stressed that for this event "we have called several players from SilverStorm El Salvador Emerging, a good example of the level of our second team." The school coach believes that "we can play a good role in this tournament, which can help us a lot in the physical aspect."
The players mentioned by Juan Carlos Pérez and Mar Álvarez for this appointment are Fernando G. Altés, Leli Kacilala, Matt Smith, Christian Rust, Michael Walker-Fitton, Víctor Sánchez, Joe Mamea, Leandro Wozniak, Johny Carter, Juan de Aguilera , Chuchi Sarmentero and Gonzalo Herreros.
Along with the rivals of SilverStorm El Salvador, the other group of the competition will be composed of the Bera Bera RT, Olympic Pozuelo and Ingenieros Industriales. The competition will be played completely throughout the day on Saturday.
Carlos Patino Lino

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