The INVI Tournament, an example of solidarity once again
This Saturday will be played the XIV edition of this winter tournament organized by the Rugby Club El Salvador, which will collaborate with the Spanish Association of Rett Syndrome, with the participation of more than 1500 players from 17 clubs throughout Spain
The Pepe Rojo fields will be the epicenter of Spanish base rugby this Saturday, with the dispute of the XIV edition of the INVI Tournament, organized by the Rugby Club El Salvador and the El Salvador Rugby Foundation, with the presence of more than 1500 players from a hundred teams belonging to 17 clubs from all points of the national territory.
"This tournament is one of the most prestigious matches of base rugby in Spain, and represents a new step in the importance that the base categories have for our Club, with the philosophy we have of forming great rugby players who are excellent people", affirmed María Morán, director of our Club.
On this occasion the social aspect of the INVI Tournament will be the collaboration with the Spanish Association of Rett Syndrome, with which it will collaborate through the dissemination, as well as with contributions of at least € 2 from each participant in the competition.
This condition, considered a rare disease, is a serious neurological disorder, of genetic origin, and manifests itself mainly, and almost exclusively, in girls. The delegate of the Association in Valladolid Jesus Acuña explained that this disease causes in the affected "the effect of an orchestra without director: they are girls, although there are also cases in children, totally dependent, with orders issued by their brain, but unable to to coordinate".
Currently, it is the second disease that causes intellectual disability most present in girls, only behind Down syndrome. "There have been important advances in recent times, but this disease, unfortunately, still has no cure," said Acuña.
In the sporting part, the INVI Tournament will host a total of 98 teams, belonging to 17 clubs throughout Spain. They will be a total of 14 in the sub'6 category, which is the youngest of the participants; 20 teams in sub'8, 24 in sub'10 and in sub'12, and 16 teams in the category of sub'14.
The technical secretary of the Rugby Club El Salvador Víctor Acebes said that "a sign of the importance of this tournament is in the growth in the number of participants we have from year to year, with 4 more clubs in this edition than in the previous one" . In fact, the presence of teams will make the Tournament have to be played in all the fields of the Pepe Rojo facilities.
The clubs that contribute more equipment to this XIV edition of the INVI Tournament are El Salvador, with 18 teams in the 5 categories, followed by the VRAC, with 13 teams. Along with the two Valladolid clubs will participate in this Rugby Stream Tournament, Hernani CRE, UBU Aparejadores, CAU Madrid, Real Oviedo, Royal Culture Group Covadonga (Gijón), Palencia RC, Salamanca RC, Rugby Bierzo, León Rugby, Tasman Boadilla (Madrid ), CAR Cáceres, Industriales de Las Rozas and Getafe RC.
This INVI Tournament will also be the premiere of one of the projects initiated by the El Salvador Rugby Club more recently, such as the creation of the rugby school at El Pilar College, which will compete with a team in the sub'6 category and another in sub'8.
Along with the numerous presence of players, this XIV INVI Tournament will also mobilize 20 referees of the Rugby Federation of Castilla y León, as well as more than 40 volunteers from the El Salvador Rugby Club, who will participate in the tasks of organization and Preparation of the logistics of the Tournament.
Carlos Patino Lino

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