Contundence in the mud
Liga Heineken División de Honor round 13
SilverStorm El Salvador wins in Baldiri Aleu (23-28) to UE Santboiana in a match dominated by the men of Juan Carlos Pérez thanks to a solid defense and a dynamic and effective attack
Subject: Chronicle 13th round Heineken League 2017/18. UE Santboiana vs SilverStorm El Salvador
Day: Sunday, January 7, 2018
Time: 12.00
Place: Baldiri Aleu (Sant Boi de Llobregat, Barcelona)
Result: 23-28 (6-14 at halftime)
One of the most complicated outings of the season for SilverStorm El Salvador has ended with a very positive result for the collegiate team, which has added five new points in the Heineken League classification, also showing improvements in the game that the body technical wanted.
The meeting, played on a Baldiri Aleu completely muddy, and on which also has not stopped raining practically at any time, it was known that it was going to be one of those dates with the epic that we usually provide the sport of oval. SilverStorm El Salvador started up firmly planted in the field of EU Santboiana, but the attack moves of the first measures were just a few meters to materialize in rehearsal.
It would be precisely the Baix Llobregat team that hit first, thanks to two indisciplines that Albert Millán had in minutes 9 and 15, in a centered position and not too far away. The Catalan scrum half did not forgive with the foot, and passed both punishments to put the 6-0.
The reaction of SilverStorm El Salvador did not wait for too long, and it would be in the 25th minute when the good work of the front finally found its prize to the territorial domain that was having. Joe Mamea rediscovered the jar of essences and showed that seniority is a degree posing the oval after a maul. Rust did not fail with his foot, and put SilverStorm El Salvador ahead from that moment.
The team of Lewis Williams was not going to give up easily, and sought with insistence the trial before the break, but SilverStorm El Salvador showed why the black and white defense is one of the strongest of the Heineken League, and stopped in the last meters several attacks of the strikers of UE Santboiana, preventing them from adding new points.
It would be precisely the Valladolid team that got the following points in the match, thanks to a good transmission of the oval by the three quarters, with which the ball came to Alberto Diaz, who found a gap to go shooting towards the clubs, where he posed on reaching the break, putting Rust 6-14 with his foot.
The collegial domain continued in the second half, both in possession of the oval and in territory, and the prize arrived in the 52nd minute, with the third rehearsal for those of Juan Carlos Pérez. The front of SilverStorm El Salvador showed its quality with an action in which Manasseh Alaga prevailed to finish posing in the area of ​​mark, and place the 6-21 on the scoreboard at that time.
UE Santboiana tried to disturb SilverStorm El Salvador in the following minutes, advancing meters over Valladolid field. They managed to reduce distances after an indiscipline of the collegiate defense, in which Max Vega saw the yellow card. The right flank of the Catalan attack would be the one signing the trial, in the hands of Samuel Thomas. Nil Baró spent the two extra for 13-21.
It was the next play a good show of the character that SilverStorm El Salvador has been showing throughout the season. Just a few seconds after the kick-off, the oval came into the hands of captain Fernando G. Altés, who managed to reach the area of ​​mark in the 65th minute, thus putting the bonus point in the black and white box. The foot of Rust put a comfortable 13-28.
He did not want to surrender the Catalan team, who got a new trial thanks to a good play from the front in the 69th minute, with the signing of Rubén Sanz, with which they approached until 20-28. It would be 5 minutes later when Nil Baró approached his team even more, with a new punishment passed for which in the end it would be final 23-28. The black and white defense prevented the comeback, stopping the attack of Williams and recovering the oval in a new sample of effectiveness.
Juan Carlos Pérez said at the end of the match that "the match has been as hot and intense as we expected. It has been complicated, because UE Santboiana has made it difficult for us in several phases of the meeting, but we are satisfied with our work. A victory here, also with a bonus, is complicated, but we have achieved it with the game we want to do. We have to keep improving things in our game and in our discipline, that's the goal now. "
XV initial UE Santboiana: Youri Petit, Paolo Ragazzi, Joaquim Delga, Alex Palomo, Harrison Fitzsimons, Joan Lopez, Ruben Sanz, Afa Tauli; Albert Millán, Marcos Puig, Nicolás Francisquelo, Martí Vicente, Hugo Pichot, Nil Baró and Javier De Orbaneja.
They also played: Nil Gabarro, Samuel Thomas, Pablo Romera, Josep Puigbert, Oriol Pujol, Hector Garcia, Federico Gonzalez and Jeremy Berguer.
Initial XV SilverStorm El Salvador: Leandro Wozniak, Max Vega, Manasseh Alaga, Fernando G. Altés, Michael Walker-Fitton, Gerardo de la Llana, Gonzalo Núñez, Joe Mamea; Juan Ramos, Christian Rust, Alberto Díaz, Nuu Junior, Rapha Blanco, Leli Kacilala and Tom Pearce.
They also played: Dani Marrón, Manu Serrano, Víctor Sánchez, Matt Smith, Pelayo Ramos, Jorge Gutiérrez, Pablo Medina and Andrés Alvarado.
Notes: 3-0 (min.9) Punishment hit by Albert Millán. 6-0 (min.15) Punishment hit by Albert Millán. 6-7 (min.25) Joe Mamea's essay that transforms Christian Rust. 6-14 (min 40) Essay by Alberto Díaz that transforms Christian Rust. 6-21 (min 52) Essay by Manasseh Alaga that transforms Christian Rust. 13-21 (min 63) Essay by Samuel Thomas that transforms Nil Baró. 13-28 (minute 64) Fernando G. Altés's essay that transforms Christian Rust. 20-28 (min 69) Essay by Rubén Sanz that transforms Nil Baró. 23-28 (min 75) Nil Baró punishing blow.
Referee: Mrs. Nievas (Andalusian committee). He showed yellow card to Youri Petit by EU Santboiana and Nuu Junior and Max Vega by SilverStorm El Salvador.
Carlos Patino Lino



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