Challenge level to start the year
Liga Heineken División de Honor round 13
SilverStorm El Salvador moves in this first match of 2018 to an always complicated Baldiri Aleu where those of Juan Carlos Pérez will try to maintain their good level of play
Subject: Previous 13th Heineken League match 2017/18. UE Santboiana vs SilverStorm El Salvador
Day: Sunday, January 7, 2018
Time: 12.00
Place: Baldiri Aleu (Sant Boi de Llobregat, Barcelona)
Without fear, and with the confidence that comes from a job well done. With that mentality moves SilverStorm El Salvador to Baldiri Aleu in this 13th day with which the new year is opened which, traditionally, has been one of the toughest trips that school students face every season, to play against UE Santboiana.
The field of Spanish Rugby Dean will host on Sunday the 68th match between the two rivals, being the party that has most times been played in the Division of Honor. Specifically, it will be the 33rd time this match is played in Catalan lands, having played another 35 in Valladolid. The overall balance is of 39-28 for the schoolboys, although UE Santboiana prevails in the group of parties in Barcelona, ​​with 20-12 up to date.
Juan Carlos Pérez is aware of the level that SilverStorm El Salvador has to show in this journey: "Playing in Baldiri Aleu, however complicated, is not a handicap for us, but a challenge. It is a perfect occasion to show that we can carry out our game idea in any field and against any opponent. " After the Christmas break the technician
schoolboy said in the preview that "the illusion is absolutely intact, and we are eager to bring us the victory."
UE Santboiana is currently in fifth place in the Heineken League ranking, with 6 victories and other defeats. In Baldiri Aleu have only fallen in a match (in the 1st round, 32-35 against Senor Independiente), while they have imposed on their other 4 home commitments (29-22 against AMPO Ordizia, 41-22 against Complutense Cisneros, 32-24 in the derby against FC Barcelona and 42-20 against Bizkaia Gernika).
The maximum assayer of the team of Lewis Williams so far is Afa Tauli, with 8 marks, while the leader in scoring is Albert Millán, who has 83 of the 334 goals scored by those of Baix Llobregat.
The last seasons have left a balance for SilverStorm El Salvador in which the schoolboys have reaped the most diverse results in the Baldiri: victory by 14-26 in the season 13/14, and defeats by 36-22 in the 14/15 , 61-24 on 15/16 and by a narrow margin of 32-27 last season. In the confrontation of this season the schoolboys prevailed in Pepe Rojo by 40-12.
The call of Juan Carlos Pérez for this meeting will be formed by the following players: Leandro Wozniak, Manu Serrano, Manasseh Alaga, Andres Alvarado, Dani Brown, Max Vega, Matt Smith, Víctor Sánchez, Fernando G. Altés, Gerardo de la Llana, Michael Walker-Fitton, Gonzalo Núñez, Joe Mamea; Juan Ramos, Pelayo Ramos, Christian Rust, Pablo Medina, Nuu Junior, Alberto Díaz, Rapha Blanco, Jorge Gutiérrez, Leli Kacilala and Tom Pearce.
Carlos Patino
Foto: Carmelo Melero

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